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Descent: Legends of the Dark Getting a Massive (literally) Expansion

If you’ve been following along to my Twitter account or read some of the articles online, I took a deep dive into Lord of the Rings: Journey in Middle Earth. This modular board game from Fantasy Flight Games mesmerized me instantly. When I say I took a deep dive, I mean a legitimate deep dive. I bought the base game, the large expansions, and the three additional character packs. It all ran me about $350+ dollars but it has been incredibly worth it. Between a few ongoing campaigns, I’ve spent about 25 hours with the game so far, and have tons more to explore. Tackling this game made me look at other modular tactical games, and guess what? Fantasy Flight Games kept popping up. And Descent: Legends of the Dark seemed to be the most popular!


I was thrilled when Asmodee, on behalf of Fantasy Flight Games, reached out regarding an upcoming expansion for a game I’ve hear about, but never played. The expansion for Descent: Legends of the Dark is coming soon, with a foot tall miniature as the centre piece. This made me do a deep look into the Descent franchise, and I was incredibly impressed.

Descent is a modular tactical adventure game where characters will move their characters through various areas (let’s call them dungeons) and complete objectives to move forward in the campaign. Each character will have unique abilities that allow for unique experiences. The entire game is driven by an application available on iOS and Android. I was skeptical of application based games before Lord of the Rings arrived at my house, but it works so well with that, so I’m confident in this.


I haven’t taken any of the Descent game for a spin yet, so I cannot comment on how much fun it might be. There are a ton of really detailed miniatures, however, and that has me excited. But let’s see what’s coming in the expansion. Here is a bit straight from Asmodee:

The Betrayer’s War builds on the exhilarating dungeon-crawling adventure of its predecessor by introducing new villains, quests, and mechanics. The game sees players returning to Terrinoth, where they find themselves in an unlikely alliance with their greatest enemy, Waiqar the Betrayer. They have to work together to battle against armies of dragons and the sinister machinations of the Uthuk Y’llan. All six heroes from the original game return to defend their legacy, each equipped with a new hero card and a variety of abilities to aid them in their battle against the impending darkness.


I’m excited to see more about this game. It’s not often that board games offer vertical gameplay, but obviously Descent has done that. It’s exiting to see how much further they push that vertical game play when the new expansion launches later this year!



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