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Dawn of Ragnarok Review

The final DLC has landed for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and it’s a big one. Dawn of Ragnarok is available now, and thanks to Ubisoft Canada, I had an early go at the entire experience. Is it worth the price? Is it worth the investment? As someone who loves fantasy worlds and the Assassin’s Creed gameplay loop, I would say yes!


Full disclosure РI was uncertain how long Dawn of Ragnarok would take to complete and definitely did not leave myself enough time. With 30+ hours of content, my meager 18-20 were not enough to see everything there was to offer here! This is a meaty expansion! 

Eivor is back to being Havi – Odin – in the mythical dream world that you enter many times during your travels in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. And like all the other times, this trip into the dream world bring intrigue, excitement, and of course, lots and lots of loot. Like lots of loot. Are we playing a looter-shoot…eh…slasher?

Curious how to enter Dawn of Ragnarok after you have purchased the DLC? We have the details in the vide below!

The expansion is centered in Svartalfheim, the realm of many might dwarves, where Havi needs to create a necessary alliance as he begins to unfold the events that will lead to Ragnarok. The gameplay loop feels very familiar and that isn’t a bad thing. You’ll have multiple areas of the Svartalfheim map that you will travel to – one area at a time – where you unravel a local quest that ultimately feeds into the overall story. You’ll battle giants, take down might foes, and more. Rinse and repeat. And again, that isn’t a bad thing.

It’s an ejoyable story, but the entire Valhalla saga has been top notch. No real surprise here. But the question of whether or not it is enjoyable is whether or not you are done with the game. If you are tired of the hacking, slashing, and shooting of Valhalla, there isn’t anything in Dawn of Ragnarok that will pull you back in any different, meaningful way. Unless you really want to know how this story plays out – and we reiterate that it is a good one – the loop is the same as it’s always been. If you were burnt out before, you’ll be burnt out now.

Don’t be fooled by what has come before this release – the previous two DLC expansions brought more new concepts and ideas to the Valhalla experience. They were innovative in ways that Dawn of Ragnarok is not. Again, in my experience that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you are looking for something new, this isn’t it.

While your own personal mileage might vary on the enjoyment you get out of this massive DLC – as large as some other open world games on it’s own – longtime Valhalla fans will find lots to love here!



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