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Chicken Police – Paint It Red!

What do you get when you put half human/half animal hybrids into an M-rated film noir game? You get Chicken Police -Paint it Red! Here’s our review of this unique Nintendo Switch game.


Stadia Update – We have been playing Chicken Police – Paint it Red on Google Stadia over the past few weeks and have no issues getting this game through the cloud an onto our mobile phones, PCs, and Android / Google TVs! If you are looking for a flexible system to play on, this Google Stadia version is worth a go!

Chicken Police – Paint It Red is at once unlike anything I’ve ever played and also like other things I’ve played. I’ll back up a bit and explain that.

The premise of Chicken Police isn’t simple. The player is a detective in a black and white world trying to solve a mystery. Okay, that sounds simple…and then you see that our hero has a human like body with a Chicken head. And everyone else in Chicken Police’s world has an animal head too. Some of them even have tails. Humans are myth in this world.

Chicken Police is set in a film noir, think The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep, type of world. Its all black and white, though there are some occasional splashes of Red. The concept of this game is interesting and the graphics are very good. Chicken Police also has good voice acting, sound effects, and music too. Its a well put together production, almost like a movie. Its a very unique presentation.

The gameplay is not unique though. Chicken Police is a point and click experience. There is a cursor that the character uses to select items and also pick dialogue to interact with characters. Its not always clear what you have to do or where you have to go next though. The player will have to explore areas completely, talk to everyone, and may even have to look online for help. If you like point and click adventure games, then you should like Chicken Police.

Although its too bad that the game does not support touch screen interaction for handheld mode. It would be perfect for that. The player instead uses the analog sticks and buttons to interact with the world. And Chicken Police does not support the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and so the player is stuck with the joycons. They work fine though.

Chicken Police is also an M-rated game, so there is swearing, nudity, and violence in it. Its a strange combination-the weird world and characters mixed with a mature rating. Some people will like it and some will not.


Chicken Police – Paint It Red! won’t appeal to everyone. The M-rating means its not for kids. Some adults may not care for the world setting. Film noir is also a very niche genre anymore. Plus its a point and click game.

That said, if you like point and click games, you’re an adult and you have an open mind, you may want to check out Chicken Police. Despite some issues like no touch support, no Pro controller support and the lack of hints, Chicken Police is a good game. The Switch eshop needs all kinds of games and Chicken Police brings a unique point and click to the shop. Enter if you dare!

Chicken Police – Paint It Red! gets a 7.5 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. Chicken Police -Paint It Red! is now availabe for the Nintendo Switch.


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