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Cassette Beasts Trailer

Cassette Beasts is an turn-based rpg in the style of Pokemon. This indie game looks very interesting! Check out the newest trailer for the game and then our thoughts on it.

Cassette Beasts is coming out soon for PC: April 26th! And it’ll be coming out this Spring for Switch, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and Game Pass!

In Cassette Beasts, instead of capturing monsters you record them on blank cassette tapes and then can transform into them. You can also fuse two monsters together to create a new one! The battles look similar to Pokémon or an older style rpg. You also have an island to explore and secrets to find! The game looks very good.

Its exciting that Cassette Beasts will be a day one release on Game Pass. Although, this game really does look like something we’d love to play on the Nintendo Switch. Getting monsters and using them in battle seems perfect for a Nintendo Switch handheld experience.

Cassette Beasts is absolutely a game you should keep an eye on no matter your platform of choice. Its coming out very soon! What do you think of the game?


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