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24 Hours Left to Back Ostia Pirates on Kickstarter

Ostia Pirates on Kickstarter is in its final 24 hours and the campaign has done incredibly well. With over 400,000 CAD raised, it’s further proof that even lesser known publishers can make a big impact on the board game space, and highlights how important Kickstarter and GameFound are.


Two brand new stretch goals have been added to the campaign, and based on how well things have gone so far, I cannot imagine these won’t get done. Pledgers can unlock another Home City tile, as well as a dual layer City of Ostia board. There is nothing more underaged than a dual layer board, and while there’s nothing wrong with a standard board for a game like Ostia – and one reason why some of these dual layer boards are add-ons and not part of the games box – having dual lay boards is definitely a nice additional feature.

Don’t forget, pledging any amount towards Ostia will get you access to the pledge manager after the campaign where you can add other games from this publisher which are currently out of print. We have our sights set on Aqua Garden, the Beach Combers expansion, and all the small box expansions as well. Aqua Garden received a lot of praise in the critical world, but only a few reviewers and influencers talked about the first campaign, a few more for the second campaign, and sadly so many people missed out. This is your chance!

We wish nothing but the best for the Ostia team as they round down their campaign and get into the grind of having this game published. We are very excited for the final results, and you should be too. Either way, this is one of my most hyped designers and publishers right now, with almost everything they produce turning to pure golf. I think Ostia is another hit, and we at GamesReviews cannot wait to share more with you soon!

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