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Will Nintendo Announce a Date for Advanced Wars 1 & 2?

If there is one thing we know about Nintendo, it is that they have a AA game ready to release at a drop of a hat. Advanced Wars 1 & 2 was indefinitely postponed when the war in Ukraine began, and while some are wondering if Nintendo will release it soon – and announce it during today’s direct – I’m not entirely convinced that will happen.


Honestly, if Nintendo did release the game this week, this month, or even before March, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. However, as things in the Ukraine continue to progress, or not progress, there is still a reason for Nintendo to hold back the release. There are some things that might change Nintendo’s mind, however. Things in Ukraine were just escalating as the game was about to be launched, and obviously Nintendo didn’t want to release a game into that space. But the truth is that war is raged everywhere, every day. And now that the situation in Ukraine has progressed, some feel it’s time for Nintendo to just drop the game.

I’m still unsure how I feel. While I may be in the minority, I’ve kept up to date on what is happening in Ukraine. Every Russian advance, Ever Ukrainian push back. I’ve read up on how Ukraine isn’t fighting fair, how Russia is justified, and so much more. If you read enough, things are still pretty bad, no matter which side of this conflict you think is in the right (I think we all know). Nintendo’s not launching the game promotes its continued belief and support for Ukraine, while silently condemning the actions of Russia.

However, shareholders ultimately hold the power in this situation, so it just might be Nintendo getting their hand forced. Either way, I do think today’s Nintendo Direct has some news on the game, either a continuation of the indefinite delay or a release date. We will have to wait and see!


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