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A Trip to the Darkside: A Look at The Darkside Detective for Nintendo Switch

Something strange is going on and the Ghostbusters are just not handy. So who do you call? In the city of Twin Lakes, you would call Detective McQueen of the Darkside Division. He handles all the weird, strange, bizarre, and downright spooky stuff that happens in Twin Lakes. Welcome to The Darkside Detective for Nintendo Switch. Its a point-and-click game for the system. Is it any good? Lets take a trip to the Darkside!


The Darkside Detective for Nintendo Switch reminds me of King’s Quest and Space Quest for the PC a lot. All three games do not take their subject matter seriously and there are tons of jokes. If you point and click on something, you will most likely get a funny response.

I will not lie to you. I’m a huge fan of King’s Quest and Space Quest. And so The Darkside Detective was an absolute blast to play. I love all the funny/strange things that the characters said and did. The puzzles in this game were pretty good too. Each of the cases in the game were strange and cool.

There isn’t just one case in The Darkside Detective. As McQueen, the player actually solves several cases. None of these cases last very long, but each of them are enjoyable. Some of the puzzles are harder than others. Oh and did I mention that this game has touch screen controls?!

In The Darkside Detective, you can use touch screen controls or the analog stick and buttons. Both ways of playing the game work well. For the more complicated puzzles in this game, touch screen controls really are the way to go. I enjoyed playing the game with both touch screen and analog stick/buttons though.

Overall, The Darkside Detective is a really fun game. My review of the title isn’t ready yet (next week hopefully) but I do think that fans of the old King’s Quest and Space Quest games will really love The Darkside Detective!

The Darkside Detective is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Thanks to Player Two for providing copy of this game for review!


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