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Spinning Success: The Integration Of Casino Elements in MOBA Gameplay

People are naturally competitive, as winning elicits a dopamine release. So, whenever they have the chance to clinch the first position, they give it their all. Take the example of online casino games.


When players engage in this gameplay, they use all that’s within reach to best each other, especially in sites like Wazamba, where players can use bonuses to their advantage. And when they win, all seems right in the world. It thus makes sense that the same excitement would follow MOBA gameplay. We look at what these games entail and what casino elements they employ:

What is MOBA Gameplay?

MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena and is thus a game genre that encompasses games that allow people to battle it out for the top prize. Essentially, two teams comprising five people fight for control. Team members can choose the character they think will give them the best winning chance. For example, one person may be the bruiser while the other can be the support. The teammates work together for the overall win, and the game ends once one team destroys the other’s base. Since this game genre features adventure and competition, it attracts a global audience, especially in titles such as Dota2 and League of Legends.

Casino Features in MOBA Games

The premise of MOBA games is teamwork that results in a win or a loss. This approach is quite different from casino games, where players are responsible for their outcomes. But while this difference exists, MOBA has many casino elements, as follows:

  • In-Game Rewards

In a casino game, players get to walk away with all sorts of prizes after playing a game. For example, a player can get free spins, deposit bonuses, or other prizes by participating in casino tournaments. The same reward effect applies to MOBA games. When players participate in a kill or an assist, they get gold, which they can use to buy resources to upgrade their characters.

  • Progression

Any good MOBA player will tell you that the key to winning and gaining a good reputation lies in a lot of practice. Players improve their overall ratings and character strength by playing many games where they slay their enemies and their minions. As the points increase, so does one’s chance of playing at much more competitive levels. But does the same apply to casino games?

Of course! Games of chance, like poker and blackjack, follow the same pattern. Players only get better by participating in more games where they learn what tactics work and which ones they should avoid. They also get a better reputation by winning more games. So, while a player might start as a newbie, they can earn their way to international live casino games with high payouts.

  • Differentiation

One of the best features of casino games is their variety, as game developers use random number generation to create game templates and influence possible outcomes. As such, even if a player has participated in a game countless times, they are always in for a surprise. Take roulette as an example. No matter how much you play it, you can never be sure about the outcome. This variation makes the game exciting and also levels the playing field.


The same applies to MOBA games. Developers use the same random number generation patterns to ensure that all the games are different. Players will always end up employing different strategies even if they choose the same champions and have the same in-game items. It makes it harder for some players to have the upper hand unless they have progressed in the game by practicing it a lot.

  • Payouts

Many people play casino games for the money. After all, they have seen people walk away with millions of dollars and want a shot at similar wins. The payouts are even much easier to access now that most casino sites readily accept wagers as low as $1. So, how does this compare to MOBA games?

Players can participate in tournaments where the winner gets the final prize pool. The amount varies per the type of game (e.g., Dota2 vs League of Legends) and the size of the tournament. But usually, the payouts are big enough to attract a lot of attention, e.g., the League of Legends Worlds 2021 payout to EDG was $2,250,000!

So, whether you go MOBA or casino, you are in for a fun time!


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