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Online Slot Games: 5 Unusual Themes that Actually Exist

Given just how massive the online gambling industry is, it’s perhaps unsurprising that gaming companies are using every tool in their toolkit to engage current players – and entice new customers into testing lady luck.


This is especially true in the slot industry, where personalization plays a massive role in attracting an audience; the more unique the themes of the free slot machines from top providers on offer, the more likely players are to part with their hard-earned cash. After all, why play another tired game with Egyptian mummies when you can win big with a smorgasbord of hamburgers and meatballs?

For players who favor the unpredictable thrill of slot machines, we’ve collated five unusual and one-of-a-kind slot themes that you won’t believe truly exist. After all, in the world of slots, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Sharknado Slots

If we said the phrase “Snarknado” out loud ten years ago, no one would have any idea what we’re on about. But these days, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with the movie franchise that saw tornados filled with sharks sew utter devastation across Los Angeles and leave the curse of the Sharknado in their wake. Given just how popular this low-budget movie franchise was, many might have predicted that the next logical step for the movie was to turn it into a slot machine. And well, they wasted no time in doing so.


Fans of the Sharknado franchise can try to get at least three matching symbols on adjacent reels alongside a tense and thumping soundtrack and a background of an old pier and shark-infested waters. If that doesn’t sound chaotic enough, how about the drama that came along with the inception of the Sharknado slot? After claiming the producers licensed her image without her consent to then make millions from this slot machine, Tara Reid (star of Sharknado) sued them for $100 million. Well, whoever said flying sharks were boring?

Bible Slots

Ah, bible slots. If you thought this was a polarizing slot theme, you would, of course, be correct! Many view these slot machines that focus on the Holy Bible, Adam and Eve, and even Noah’s Ark as a way to teach players about the Bible. Others, however, see these games as an interesting take on the fact that most religions consider gambling to be a sin. Either way, using religion as the main focus of a game is nothing new—after all, look at God of War and its success—but still, it’s definitely one engaging way to entice new customers, including perhaps a different demographic that previously wouldn’t have been interested in the funny old world of slots.

Food Fight Slots

To say playing on slot machines can be a high-stakes experience is an understatement, similar to getting involved in a food fight! Which is why this unusual slot theme works so well. You don’t get gameplay and design that’s more humorous (and more unforgettable) than reels filled with food items like hamburgers, pizza, tomatoes and even meatballs; while these slots have a more vintage feel with 2D images, the random eclecticism of these food items being thrown about engages players in ways not even 3D slots can!

If the 5-reel game with nine paylines isn’t enough, what about the two mouth-watering bonus features? When a player spins the right ingredients for an ice cream cone, the Ice Cream Scatter Bonus is activated, which can be worth some big bucks! Or, the Food Fight Bonus sends players to a new screen where they can throw pies at characters, and a lucky streak can mean up to 3,960 credits from this bonus game alone. Talk about a thrill!

Hoffmania Slots

Can you think of someone so famous and iconic that they’re worthy of their own slot machine theme? How about David Hasselhoff? Star of Baywatch and the most-watched man on TV, Hasselhoff has become so iconic over the years that game makers have made their own slot game around him, aptly titled Hoffmania. If you’re a fan of the Hoff, this unique game allows you to play poker with your idol himself and distribute autographed memorabilia! While this is one of the sillier themes on this list, the top prize of 400,000 coins is definitely nothing to scoff at. A win on Hoffmania might put you in a position to set a new gaming revenue record for the US.


The Codfather Slots

The Codfather slot machine theme pretty much does what it says on the tin – takes you deep under the sea into a world where fish smoking cigars and donning hats are in charge of organized crime syndicates. Yes, you read that right. If weird online games are your thing, The Codfather is a particularly rewarding choice with an impressive RTP of 95.2%. And don’t miss out on the game’s unique bonus features, our favorite, the Big Boss bonus round, where players can choose between the intimidating fish bosses to offer them a handsome sum of money.


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