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Nintendo Switch Games to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Escape the Winter Chill with These Nintendo Switch Games!

As we got hit with a big winter storm just yesterday I needed something to get the chill off my bones, What better than some cozy gaming time? Tired of being cooped up inside because of the cold weather? Look no further than your Nintendo Switch! Here are some fantastic titles that will whisk you away on exciting adventures, solve captivating mysteries, and even let you explore the wonders of Canadian game development, all from the comfort of your couch.

For Action & Adventure:

  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Season Pass: This DLC expands the delightful Rabbid-filled adventure with even more stories, characters, quests, and battles.
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong (February 16th): The iconic rivalry returns! Help Mario retrieve stolen Mini-Mario toys in this updated puzzle-platformer with new co-op and more.

For Mystery Lovers:


  • Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective: Solve your own murder as a spirit in this quirky, puzzle-packed mystery game, now remastered for Switch.
  • COCOON: Journey across beautiful alien worlds, solving intricate puzzles to unravel a cosmic mystery in this sci-fi adventure.
  • OXENFREE II: Lost Signals: Uncover the secrets of a coastal town plagued by strange radio signals in this supernatural mystery with a touch of horror.

Celebrate Canadian Talent:

  • Venba: Cook delicious South-Indian dishes and reconnect with your heritage in this heartwarming narrative cooking game.
  • Sea of Stars: Explore a deep and engaging story with diverse characters in this stunning, retro-styled RPG.
  • Fae Farm: Craft, cultivate, and befriend magical creatures in this enchanting farm simulator set on a mystical island.

Relive Classic Memories:

  • Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack: Access a library of classic SEGA Genesis, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo 64 games, including beloved titles like Harvest Moon 64, Pokémon Stadium, and Tetris.

So grab your Switch, curl up with a blanket, and let these games transport you to new worlds and exciting experiences, even when the winter blues try to keep you down!



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