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Nintendo Doesn’t Need to Make Acquisitions, Do They?

There are a lot of folks out there wondering when Nintendo is going to drop the hammer and purchase a studio of their own. I think I might have the inside scoop on this one, so listen up, and listen up good – I don’t see Nintendo buying a Studio anytime soon! Shoot, many of the games being produced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch are titles developed by companies NOT owned by Nintendo. Crazy? Yes. True? Also yes.


When it comes to the three main console companies, Nintendo still is in a world of it’s own. While Sony and Microsoft battle it out for better graphics, quicker load times, better user experiences, and more, Nintendo is off on a completely different planet doing their own thing. Their competition, frankly, is no body. As I see it, the Nintendo Switch is something everyone who loves games will probably own. You own a Playstation and/or an Xbox, and you own a Switch. Isn’t that how it’s always been with Nintendo consoles, at least since the Wii?

Sure, there are studios out there that I would love to see Nintendo own. I would love for them to purchase Level-5, and bring back much loved franchises like Fantasy Life (exclusive to Nintendo), the numbered Yo-Kai Watch games (exclusive to Nintendo), a brand new Ni No Kuni, and so much more. But, Nintendo isn’t about to drop the money on the entire studio, but would rather approach these companies to create exclusive titles for the Nintendo platform.

And that will be what they do going forward for a very long time. They don’t NEED to buy a studio. So why shell out the money for one. I can probably guarantee that based on the sales numbers of the Nintendo Switch, third party studios would publish exclusive to Nintendo in a heart beat, and for all we know, there are companies working on that now.


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