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More Thoughts From Me: Excited About Epic Mickey Rebrushed

Yesterday, there was a new Nintendo Direct. One of the games shown during the Direct was Epic Mickey: Rebrushed. This a remake of the first Epic Mickey from the Wii. I loved that game. So its time to talk about the Wii version and the new Rebrushed version.

Epic Mickey Rebrushed is a remake a game thats originally from the Nintendo Wii. At the time, Epic Mickey was a very ambitious game. It wanted to be a game all about player choice. You could repaint things or take the quick and easy route and use thinner to destroy them. And to some degree, Epic Mickey succeeded.

In the original game, you could destroy enemies or objects with the flick of the paint brush or you can repaint things. The player choice wasn’t on the scale of something like Fallout, Skyrim, or Mass Effect but it had the ambition to be so. It gave you choices, though they didn’t seem to have an impact on the story one way or the other. The choice was how you got around in Epic Mickey’s world and trying to place a little guilt on you about the thinner thing.

Epic Mickey was pretty neat. Maybe it was too big for the Wii though. The game did have some issues related to the hardware and a lot of people complain about the game’s camera. Epic Mickey was successful enough to get a sequel but no one seems to talk about Epic Mickey 2. I remember trying the second one and not liking it as much. It tried to do a two-player focused experience and just wasn’t as fun.


And now Epic Mickey Rebrushed is coming out for the Switch and other systems. This should give the game the bigger audience it deserves. Rebrushed seems to be a full remake. The game is getting a graphical update and Mickey will be getting new moves too. Hopefully the game will include more choices and new areas to explore too. With the power of the Switch and other systems, Epic Mickey Rebrushed could realize the full potential of the series.

Perhaps I’m being too hopeful. It could be that the new Epic Mickey will just update the graphics and add new moves and otherwise be similar to the original. I hope its a mix of both!

Oh and I noticed the game’s amazing 2D levels are back too. So happy to see that. Those were an absolute treat.

Epic Mickey Rebrushed looks fantastic. I’m so happy that this game is getting another chance.

Are you looking forward to Epic Mickey Rebrushed?

More Thoughts From me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine. No release date for this game yet but its supposed to be out this year! Hope we don’t have to wait too long.


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