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Just A Night In the Woods?

How do I even explain Night in the Woods? How do you judge a game when you don’t fully understand it? Night in the Woods for Nintendo Switch is unlike any game I’ve ever played before. Its an adventure game, sure, but it has platforming, some puzzles, and lots of wandering around. Night in the Woods is more story focused than anything else. Its basically an interactive story? Although even that sounds like its selling the game short. Lets take a look at Night in the Woods in this preview for the game!


Night in the Woods is a hard game to explain. Theres a lot going on in this game. I think, on one hand, is an exploration of someone who is deeply depressed and dealing with a lot of issues. Though, thats not all its about. I’m not really sure what its all about.

Mae, the main star of the game, wanders around a lot, talks to her friends, gets in and out of trouble, has strange dreams, and deals with a lot of stuff.  Night in the Woods throws a lot at the player. At the same time though, the player can slowly progress through the game or really rush forward head long. There seems to be a lot to do in this game.

At its core, Night in the Woods is an Adventure game. That said, there is some puzzle solving, some platforming, and theres even a hack’n’slash retro game that you can play on Mae’s computer! I have “beaten”  Night in the Woods now, but I feel like I may have missed something. I wonder if theres are other choices I could have made. Does Night in the Woods have multiple endings? Does it have hidden secrets?

I still don’t totally understand what I just played. I’m still trying to figure Night in the Woods out. I really like the game, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure I understand all of what I saw. Night in the Woods is a pretty weird game. I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

My review of Night in the Woods isn’t ready yet. I need to think about this game more. Maybe go back and see if I can find other things to do. Hopefully I’ll have a better sense of this game by the time I write my review. How do you judge a game you don’t fully understand?

Night in the Woods is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.



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