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Howl Impressions

Embark on a captivating journey in Howl, where every brushstroke of the game’s watercolor-like world paints a mesmerizing tale of bravery and survival. As a deaf heroine in a world plagued by the ominous howling contagion, players are thrust into a realm where strategy meets beauty.

The game’s visual aesthetic is a true marvel, with colors bleeding and melding into one another, creating a breathtaking landscape that reacts to your every move. Each action leaves its mark, whether it’s the dark crimson of vanquished enemies or the absence of obstacles obliterated by your path.


With sixty levels to conquer, players are tasked with two primary objectives: eliminate the wolf-like creatures or prevent them from converting innocent NPCs. Yet, beneath the surface, lies a deeper narrative, weaving the tale of a prophetic heroine determined to rid the world of its affliction.

Strategic prowess is key, but Howl offers more than just a traditional strategy experience. With the ability to foresee enemy movements and plan accordingly, the game takes on a puzzle-like quality, challenging players to unravel its mysteries with careful consideration.

For those seeking an extra challenge, Assist Mode provides a glimpse into enemy movements, transforming Howl into a pure puzzle-solving adventure. Armed with a bow, arrows, and various abilities, players navigate through a world ripe for exploration and experimentation.


As you progress, confidence points and skulls unlock upgrades and hidden pathways, adding layers of depth to an already captivating journey. However, while each chapter introduces new challenges, the core gameplay may begin to feel repetitive over time.

Despite its minor flaws, Howl shines as a testament to the power of artistry in gaming. Its stunning visuals and engaging mechanics make it a worthwhile experience, even if it doesn’t revolutionize the turn-based strategy genre. In the end, the allure of Howl lies not only in its gameplay but in its ability to transport players to a world where beauty and strategy intertwine.


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