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How Thailand Became a Leader in the Esports Market

The esports industry in Thailand has developed a lot in the past few years. There are around 18.3 million people who like to play esports in this country, making it one of the biggest gaming markets in the world. Thailand is also the second-biggest gaming market in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia.


Factors For Thailand’s Esports Development

Advancement in Technology

The increased use of digital breakthroughs such as 5G technology has fueled the popularity of esports. Technology is essential to the future of digital or online gaming. Innovative technologies have recently drawn a lot of attention to Thailand’s gaming industry. Today, gamers can enjoy the best esports like the crash gambling game.

Massive Investment in the Sector

Traditional businesses have also entered the esports market. There’s a lot of activity from startup companies attempting to capitalise on growing demand. Telecommunications firms have shown significant interest in the esports industry. The high levels of mobile penetration and hefty PC gaming costs in Thailand creates a massive demand for mobile gaming devices.

Change in Attitude

Back in traditional Asian society, people didn’t think video games were worth anyone’s time. They saw them as a childish pastime that wasn’t valuable. However, public support for esports has grown over time, with more governmental and educational institutions supporting it. There’s a lot of money to win in esports competitions.

Top players may earn up to THB 5 million per year through streaming and contests. Some leading educational institutions, like Bangkok University, are now developing courses in esports. This is to help Thailand develop more competitive gamers who can compete in tournaments around the world. Even though the pandemic temporarily slowed down esports investment, community engagement grew during the lockdown.

Support From Fintech Companies

Fintech companies are helping people in Thailand buy game-related goods with microtransactions and wallets. As competitive esports rose in popularity, financial services companies saw an opportunity to reach out to a younger consumer base.

Younger individuals are looking for banking accounts, wealth management solutions and other financial services to help them improve their earning potential. Financial institutions are taking advantage of gaming to promote their services and products to the younger generation, just like other sports or influencer industries do.

In 2022 and beyond, esports will probably become more popular because it’s easy to access. New technologies and community involvement have gotten rid of the misconceptions about esports, which brings in new gamers daily.


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