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Horizon Forbidden West Capitalizes on the Popularity of Amazon Warriors in Slots and Films

Horizon Forbidden West has just hit shelves, and the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is already being met with strong reviews. Once again, the title features Aloy, a female warrior who draws many similarities to the legendary Amazons from Greek mythology.

These characters have been represented in mainstream culture countless times over the years, and recently there have been some great slots and films that have drawn inspiration from the stories. The new Guerrilla Games title should appeal to players who enjoy these various iterations of Amazons in the mainstream.

Amazon Warriors are Popular in Slot Games

The stories of Greek mythology are thousands of years old, but they still intrigue people to this day. The fact that they are so prevalent throughout popular culture, in everything from films to games, highlights how enduring these tales are. One of the best places to find themes surrounding Greek mythology is the online casino industry, where there are many slots based on the era.

Among the most notable online slots titles in 2022 is Amazon Warrior, a game from Blueprint Gaming that features the iconic women on the reels. Players get a sense that they’ve entered the jungle and joined a tribe, ready to battle against ancient monsters and opposing clans. Those who enjoy this vibe would most likely enjoy playing a detailed console game that dives a bit deeper into these themes.

Horizon Forbidden West Uses an Amazon Theme

The Amazon warriors famously came to the aid of Troy in Homer’s Iliad, but they also featured in several other legendary Greek myths. Their fighting spirit and courage has often been depicted in films, with Wonder Woman being the most famous mainstream representation of the ancient race.

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Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy could be about to challenge Wonder Woman as the most popular Amazon-inspired hero in popular culture. The character has already been described as one of the best new protagonists in years, and if the series continues she has a chance to build a legacy as big as Lara Croft’s. In Zero Dawn, Aloy was one of the main highlights of the game, aside from the nail-biting gameplay.

Is the New Offering an Improvement on the Last?

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the most popular games of 2017 and one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all time. It shipped 22 million copies and picked up a variety of awards including Best Original Game at the Game Critics Awards.

It was always going to be hard to top that title, and the jury is still out as to whether the developer has achieved that. Forbidden West is bigger in scale, and some critics have compared it to The Witcher 3. Others have stated that its scope is a little too overwhelming, and the game might be slightly too large.

Fans of Amazon warriors will be drawn to Forbidden West, but that’s only one aspect that makes this game a must-play. The incredible scenery and engaging storyline contribute to making it a worthy successor to Zero Dawn.


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