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Hitman 3 on Stadia Highlights Best of Google’s Cloud Gaming Service

Hitman 3 Stadia 1

The Hitman series is undeniably the most successful action-stealth franchise to date, with only a handful of others even worthy of being mentioned in the same breath. After two decades of following Agent 47 down the path of anonymous notoriety and infamy, somehow we still can’t get enough of him. Hitman 3 reinforces these feelings, as IOI continue to give the people what they want. For any developers out there wondering how to strike the balance between keeping a game fresh without taking it away from its roots, look no further.

Hitman games have always been about giving the player the tools and opportunities to make their own decisions. Sure, part of the game is decoding which methods the game suggests you use to eliminate your target, but most of the replayability comes from throwing those ideas out the window and coming up with some of the most ridiculous schemes known to man. Hitman 3 carries on the legacy with fervid determination, providing more tools and environmental interactions than ever before.

Now, we even get more options when it comes to how and where we want to play the game itself! Hitman 3 Stadia edition does a great job of highlighting how low-latency the service really is, offering fluid motion and an experience that you would never in a million years guess was not contained to your local hardware. While Stadia may have had a rocky start, titles like this show some of the greatest potential and maximum fun it offers.


I have said it before and I will say it again, for anyone who games in multiple locations, even within their household: Stadia. Is. A. Dream. Come. True. I spend so much time in front of my PC between working and leisure, that sometimes I will do anything to even just sit in another part of my house. Usually, this means sacrificing the power of my gaming rig as it is not exactly a mobile platform. Now, however, I can pocket my Stadia controller, mozy on down to the basement and pick up exactly where Agent 47 and I left off.

With mobile device support and gamepad compatibility ever on the rise, Stadia is only becoming more and more accessible to the average gamer. I know that Google took a big risk launching this product when it did, but it deserves your attention and consideration, it really does. Stadia isn’t for everyone, and it likely will never replace ALL of your gaming, but it also isn’t trying to. It is providing you with gaming flexibility that has previously been unimaginable. It truly excels in single-player action/adventure games where you can happily sit at your PC or on the couch and get the exact same enjoyable experience.

At the end of the day, Hitman 3 is yet another exciting title added to Stadia’s roster of games that plays exceptionally well with the service. I truly hope that you all give Stadia a second glance because what you find may both surprise and delight you!

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