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Garden Geckos Unboxing and Components Preview (Kickstarter Preview)

Last year, GamesReviews had the pleasure of previewing one of Tin Robot Games titles called Cities of Venus. It was a fantastic worker placement game where players built out their space ships and tried to score the most points. We praised the game for easy to understand mechanics, as well as fantastic components and production value. The game successfully funded on Kickstarter, and Tin Robot Games is heading back to the crowd funding platform for their upcoming game called Garden Geckos! Let’s take a look at what comes in the box, and review the quality of these components!


Please note that this is a prototype copy of the game Garden Geckos. While it may represent the final product, there is a possibility that some components will be different in the final product.

When taking the lid of Garden Geckos it was hard not to think I was opening up a game I had just purchased at retail. While some prototypes are of lesser quality when compared to their final release, Tin Robot Games has always produced high quality, close to completion prototypes that allow reviewers and content creators such as myself the opportunity to showcase a product that is VERY close to what you will receive as a consumer. All of that being said, the overall quality of the components in Garden Geckos is phenomenal.

Everyone who plays board games knows a good punch board when they … punch it … and this title is no different. The tiles easily popped out of the punch boards, and while sometimes cardboard tiles tend to tear when being punched out, that was not the case here. This is quality cardboard – it’s not going to blow your mind, it’s just cardboard after-all, but it would be a big talking point if the quality was poor.


What I really like is the quality of the cards, which feel like they have some degree of linen finish to them. There is also a nice finish on the game box as well, giving this a very premium feel. Included in the box is a host of wooden bug tokens, screen printed, along with 5 gecko’s in each player colour. While I prefer when screen printing highlights the features of an animal or person as opposed to being like a stamp (with an outline), I think these are very well done, and look great when set out on the table.

Overall, the quality of Garden Geckos is very good, and I cannot wait to get this to the table to play a few games with friends!


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