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Game Changer: Adopting Casino Concepts for LoL Mastery

Casinos constantly change their approach to give players something to look forward to each time they play. After all, players flock to these sites, hoping for exciting surprises. As a result, trendy casinos like Wazamba Casino have incorporated every new thing they think can appease their clients. They have used augmented reality, mobile apps, live gaming, and even blockchain as part of their strategies. Recently, casinos have been experimenting with virtual reality to make their games more realistic.


Esports game developers have seen the rewards of these trends and quickly added them to their innovations. We look at how LOL Mastery has borrowed a leaf from casinos and what this means for players.

Casino Concepts in LOL Mastery

League of Legends players have always had a new feature to enjoy, e.g., the Summoner Mastery. In all these new releases, they uncover new challenges that make the already epic game more exciting. This time, they have front seats to the Champion Mastery, a game that uses a progression system to track players. We look at how this feature compares to what you would find in a casino:

  • The Point System

Typical casinos reward players with points for every game they play. For example, playing a slot game can earn you a point. The more points you accumulate, the better your standing with the casino. Moreover, casinos allow you to cash in on these points in the following ways:

  • Cash bonuses,
  • Free spins, and
  • Physical prizes.

Thus, while players may not earn money from their wagers, they can garner enough points to win a noteworthy prize.

So, how has LOL Mastery used this concept to enhance its typical gameplay? All players receive grades after each eligible match based on their performance compared to players who meet similar criteria. The higher the grade, the better the overall points awarded to the player, thus enabling those with higher grades to get more champion points. Interestingly, the developer has not revealed how the point system works beyond issuing grades. So, they never know how to manipulate the metrics to gain a better standing and must instead trust the system like casino players do!

  • The Level System

All casino games have eligibility criteria, with some locking players out due to a lack of expertise. Take the example of poker. It has three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. As such, a new player must work through the beginner and intermediate levels before playing at the expert tables. Moreover, the buy-ins at the lower levels are much more accessible to players than the cash requirements for the top tables.


In the same way, the LOL Mastery locks out players who are yet to reach Summoner Level 5. Those who have achieved this status can start earning Champion points per their levels as follows:

  • Levels 1 to 5: Players earn Champion points to move from one level to the other. For example, players enter level 1 with 0 points and graduate to level 2 once they have 1800 points. At level 5, players have at least 9000 points, after which they advance to the next level.
  • Levels 6 and 7: At these stages, players no longer rely on Champion points and instead set themselves apart through Hextech Crafting.

This system is similar to what you would find in an online casino tournament where players earn points based on the number of wins, with only the best players progressing while others get eliminated.

  • The Rankings

While many casino players are after money, many also want a stellar reputation. They want to show off how good they are in the games and will often work hard to be among the top positions. Take blackjack as an example. Since this is a game of skill, players with high rankings can prove they have the decision-making skills to beat the dealer more often than other players.

LOL Mastery uses this love for prominence in its game by including rankings and rewards per level. Champions with the highest scores and levels get displayed across the dashboard for all others to see. They also get different crests, loading screen badges, and in-game announcement banners to cement their positions further.

These features have increased the game’s competitiveness and appeal, which explains the influx of LOL players since this feature’s release.


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