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Disney Dreamlight Valley “A Festival of Friendship” Update Thoughts

Last week, Disney Dreamlight Valley released its newest update! We checked out and now want to provide our thoughts on the “A Festival of Friendship” update.


Disney Dreamlight Valley’s newest update, “A Festival of Friendship” is out now! And we checked it out!

This newest update introduces two new characters to the game, Mirabel from Encanto and Olaf from Frozen. Mirabel is pretty easy character to get: you just have to find her house’s door knob laying around town. Once you find that, the rest of the quest is pretty straight forward. Mirabel is a great addition to the valley.

As for Olaf, his quest is a bit more complicated. We won’t spoil it, but it will be pretty obvious when you start the update where you need to go. The quest isn’t too hard, but as always, you’ll have to collect a few items for it.


Once the quest is complete, Olaf moves to the Valley! If you like warm hugs, then you’ll be happy that Olaf is here too. Both Mirabel and Olaf are great and they add more quests to do. I’ve helped Mirabel once since she moved in and have a quest from Olaf already too.

I like this update a lot. The Olaf quest was really good and Mirabel (and her house) are awesome. I can not wait until the next update! Of course, we’ll have to wait a bit. It isn’t coming out until April!

What do you think of the “A Festival of Friendship” update?


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