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Dark Deity Strategically Invades the Nintendo Switch in March

┬áIf you like old school Fire Emblem, like the GBA Fire Emblem, then you’ll to check out Dark Deity. The game is coming to the Nintendo Switch in March. Check out the release date announcement trailer and our thoughts on the game below.

Dark Deity, a strategy rpg, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2022. The game is an indie strategy rpg that has a similar look to Fire Emblem on the GBA. The battle system looks really good. Just like Fire Emblem, you see a close up of the fights when you attack and move your characters around on a grid. The character art for the game looks excellent.

March is a big month for strategy rpgs. Triangle Strategy will be coming out earlier in the month. Don’t overlook Dark Deity though. The game looks like it’ll be a very different type of tactical experience, more Fire Emblem while Triangle Strategy is more Final Fantasy Tactics. There’s plenty of room for both strategy games!

What do you think of Dark Deity? Will you be checking out in March?


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