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Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo Cards Will Unlock New Items and More in New Horizons

If theres one thing you must remember about Nintendo is that they love to surprise their fans! Animal Crossing fans got a new reveal today: the returning Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo cards, releasing for the first time in the West, will unlock new items and more in New Horizons. Check out the video below for more information and then come back here for some thoughts on this update!


The Sanrio amiibo cards unlocking new items is cool but unlocking new animals…thats huge!

Now these animals (and items) are not completely new. They were available in New Leaf via these cards. Of course people in the West (Americans, Canadians, etc) could not get these animals previously. And now they are coming to New Horizons via the cards. There will also be an update that makes this possible on March 18th! So now we know what the next update will be.

I suppose some could look at this as paid DLC of a sort. You will only be able to get these items and animals if you have these cards. Personally I was not going to get the cards and now I want to get them. Though the demand for the cards will now be huge. I doubt I’ll be able to get my hands on them..

UPDATE: The Sanrio amiibo cards will be exclusive to Target in the United States. So they may be even harder to get due to exclusively and demand. Hopefully Nintendo and Target are going to make sure there are a lot of packs available.

What about you? Will you get the Sanrio amiibo cards? They come out on March 26th.


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