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Ways to Make Gaming less Harmful for your Health

Being bound to your computer all day, whether for work or play can kill you. Gaming in particular often means hours of staring at a computer screen and hours of being sedentary, damaging your precious health. The frightening thing is is that while you may experience some backache for a while, you may not be aware of other damage slowly but steadily happening inside your body.

Sitting too long can have all kinds of adverse effects that can manifest themselves a little later – cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure colon cancer, diabetes and others. Long gaming sessions can lead to obesity too as well as vision problems.

With gaming, the positioning of your body is important for optimal gaming but also for good health. There are tips such as taking gaming breaks, exercising and having the right gaming gear. A rickety stool and desk for instance, will force you into gaming positions that will see you surrendering early in the game due to pain and frustration.


If the thought of establishing healthy habits while gaming makes your groan, there’s no need to fork out a fortune to be healthy. Here’s a selection of things you can do without putting your gaming on hold!

Anti Blue Light Glasses

Screens from computer monitors emit blue light which puts strain on the eyes. Because of the harmful effects of blue light during gaming, it is recommended that you use anti-blue light glasses, as the blue light from screens is linked to macular degeneration and headaches.

The glasses reduce the amount of blue light streaming into your eyes, reducing eye strain and damage. It pays to do research on the different types of glasses there are as they come with different features such as:

  • being registered with the FDA
  • being lightweight to suit kids too
  • coming with a lifetime warranty
  • the ability to clip onto the specs you already wear
  • coming with carrying case and cleaning cloth
  • being available in different sizes, trendy colors and with an affordable price.

According to Gina Tomaine of GoodHouseKeeping, after trying out anti blue light glasses for a week, she concluded they are well worth it for anyone using a computer.

Staying Active, Staying Alive

Apart from drinking enough water whilst seated for long periods of time to avoid dehydration, you need to make time to exercise. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy and that fits into your gaming schedule.

If your gaming allows, take short breaks at least once an hour and try to walk around a bit. On your break, become aware of areas of tension in your body and do some stretching to relieve it. Stretching and toning the back for instance can help reduce wear and tear, and stretching will also reduce the risk of muscular injury by warming up the muscles and increasing flexibility.

Stretching also increases the supply of blood and nutrients to your joints, it improves balance and decreases your risk of lower back pain. There are different stretches but it can be as simple as shrugging your shoulders to release tension in the shoulders and upper back.

Pick the right Chair

A gaming chair is designed with the gamer in mind. It is ergonomically and orthopedically designed with a sturdy 5-star base, adjustable height, tilt abilities, soft cushioning for hours of play, coming with a lumbar cushion which improves comfort and high backrest for neck support.

You want a chair which:

  • Is adjustable so you can have good vision level
  • Allows both feet to touch the ground
  • Allows you to extend your legs to encourage circulation throughout your body.
  • Has adjustable armrests which are at the same level with the top of your desk so that your hand is able to easily access the mouse and keyboard.

First thing to decide is between a regular office chair or gaming chair. There are quite a few differences between the two according to Jon Muller at Ergo Trends, so be sure you are informed before making your purchase.


Prioritize Real Life over Gaming

As fun as thoroughly obliterating your enemies in Call of Duty is, the fact is, it’s just a game. Keeping a healthy perspective on what is real and what is just fantasy is key to staying mentally and emotionally happy as a gamer. Never put gaming above real life; if you friend calls you to hang out, go. If there’s an event or party that you are invited to, go. Gaming always come second place to living your real life.

Final Thoughts

With ergonomic gaming furniture, ergonomic equipment and health tips and advice, there really is no excuse for not staying healthy and in shape while you continue to game.

Gaming can be done with peace of mind if you know you’re not seriously jeopardizing your health, and with these tips you can improve your gaming sessions and reap the rewards of a more balanced, healthier lifestyle.


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