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Two Point Hospital is Coming to Console!

Two Point Hospital 3

After being bumped from 2019, the console version of Two Point Hospital is ready to go, and will be arriving on the Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 on February 25th.  The cartoonish hospital simulator will launch with two DLC packs from the PC version, Bigfoot and Pebberly Island.  For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the game will be available to download on launch day.

Two Point Hospital continues the trend of simulation games making the jump to console (other notable franchises include Civilization, Cities: Skylines, The Sims and Frostpunk) and developers getting as much content on the Switch as they can to take advantage of its rapidly growing player base.

The original PC release was well received, as developer Two Point Studios received praise for what amounts to a sequel to the 1997 game, Theme Hospital. Two Point Hospital plays as a full-blown management sim game. This means things like economics, employee happiness, placement optimization, and research will all have to be closely monitored, while a wacky coat of paint keeps it from taking itself too seriously.

Two Point Hospital 2

Fun dialogue and a vibrant, cartoony palette keep the game light as your patients come in with ridiculous diseases like 8-Bitten, Boneless Thighs, and Science Friction. Not simply a sandbox, players will work their way through 15 unique hospitals in the base game. Each different hospital is effectively a new level with new challenges and awards the player with up to three performance-based stars on completion.

Two Point lends itself particularly well to consoles thanks to the grid-based layout that will snap items or new rooms into place.  Since it doesn’t have the technical demands of a game like Cities: Skylines or Civilization, the game should run smoothly on your non-pro/elite console, or on the go with your Switch.  The Switch’s suspend mode is perfect for a sim like this, allowing you to jump in and out of your hospital throughout the day, without the tedium of loading screens to make a small tweak to your world.

The Switch, in fact, is inviting a new way of playing management sims, which previously required you to be tethered to a computer and lent to more sustained playing sessions, with a pop-in, pop-out convenience that’s hard to match.

Two Point Hospital releases on all consoles February 25th, 2020.

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