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TRIANGLE STRATEGY – Character & Story Trailer #2: Frederica Aesfrost

Triangle Strategy is coming out on March 4th. Check out the newest trailer for the game below!

Triangle Strategy looks like a cross between Octopath Traveler and Final Fantasy Tactics. The story and characters remind me a lot of Octopath (with a bit of Tactics), while the battle system is very Final Fantasy Tactics! The newest trailer shows off another character Frederica Aesfrost. And while her story is interesting, its the gameplay near the end of the trailer that interest me the most.

We see that theres a camp where you can buy items and also take part in mock battles to train. Also a few different attacks are shown off. My favorite is the attack from above! Very cool. Overall, Triangle Strategy is looking like a really great game

What do you think of Triangle Strategy’s new trailer? Will you be picking up the game on March 4th?


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