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Tonight is the Night: Nintendo Switch Presentation

We will have LOTS of coverage of the Nintendo Switch over the next few months leading up to the launch of the system, and we will be working closely with Nintendo of Canada to make sure all the important information is front and centre for you the reader. That includes a full system review, and game reviews right around launch day. It all really begins tonight, however, with the long presentation from Nintendo which you will able to see at 8 PM PT, 10 Central, and 11 Eastern on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.


Daniel will be doing numerous “More Thoughts from Me” articles about the Switch itself, the game lineups, and more, so make sure you stay tuned for that!

But to the topic at hand: tonight is the night, and it’s going to be fantastic. Will we see Zelda (hell yes), will we see Mario (hopefully hell yes!) and will we see…Pikman 4? Pikman 4 was rumoured to be nearly completed all the way back in 2015, but never was actually released on the Wii U. I would argue that by the time it was almost complete, Nintendo had 100% abandoned their current console – the Wii U – and were 100% focused on the Switch. Pikmin 4 would be a huge launch title, but will we see it tonight?

If consumers had their way, I think having Pikman 4 as a launch title could sway a few hundred thousand more people to adopt early. While most Nintendo fans enjoy Zelda and most Nintendo fans enjoy Zelda, there is still a large number who like the smaller, yet equally as fun, Nintendo franchises. Pikman is that franchise, and I strongly believe that Nintendo needs to have this as a launch title in March.

A big surprise for me would be to see anything regarding the next Mario Kart title. While I fully expect to see Mario in some new game – preferably 3D Mario ala Sunshine and Mario 64 as opposed to a 2D Mario – I don’t know if some of the more accessible Mario games will be even teased.  By accessible, I’m talking about your Mario sports titles, Mario Party, and Mario Kart. While these would be a nice addition to tonight’s presentation, I don’t see it happening.

What are you expecting tonight?


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