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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Not Ready To #Switch Yet

Last night, Nintendo streamed the Switch Presentation. And then this morning, Nintendo started streaming Treehouse Live. As I write this, the Treehouse Live is still streaming! For this special More Thoughts From Me, I will cover last nights presentation and what I’ve seen so far of Treehouse Live. I will write another More Thoughts in the future about any additional cool content. So what do I think of the Nintendo Switch so far? Well..


I’m not preordering the Nintendo Switch. I never did plan to preorder the system. I always knew I’d have to save up the money for the system no matter the price. However, I’m not even planning to buy the system till Christmas now! Why am I waiting so long for the Switch?

Nintendo Switch Presentation

I was so hyped for last nights Switch presentation. I thought it was going to be really great. I was so wrong.

Nintendo started out with an interesting presentation. We were getting a closer look at the system and finally getting launch date and pricing info. I was happy with the launch date and pricing. March 3rd is sooner than I thought and $299.99 is a good price. After that though, things started to go downhill for awhile.

I couldn’t believe it when Nintendo announced that the online would go to a paid service in the fall. I knew sooner or later Nintendo would do this, but it shocked me that they would do it with the Switch. However, that wasn’t the main thing that was concerning to me. I am not a cellphone user, so would I heard that they were coming out with a cellphone app where you managed your online play on the Switch, I was concerned. I’m still not clear on whether you have to have this app to play online or not. The whole app situation is very confusing to me. I don’t like this integration of cellphone tech at all.

Then, Nintendo showed two games that I thought looked awful. 1-2 Switch is a game that I do not understand at all. What do you even do with this game? What’s its appeal? Nintendo did not explain this game very well. After that, they showed Arms. I was not impressed with this game either. 1-2 Switch and Arms both seemed aimed at casual gamers…

Thankfully, Nintendo revealed Splatoon 2 next! The game looks good, but it looks like more of an expansion of the first Splatoon than a totally different game. Still, I was happy to see Nintendo show off a real game.

I have to adm that I was starting to wonder if I still wanted a Switch. That’s when Nintendo showed Super Mario Odyssey! I was blown away by this game. The graphics looked amazing and the gameplay looked like a combination of classic and new Mario elements. I was especially amazed by the section of the game set in a New York like city!

For me, Mario was the highest moment of the presentation. Yes, titles like Xenoblade 2 and Square’s rpg got me excited too. I’ll be writing about them in other articles soon. Mario Odyssey was the game that made me a believer in the Switch again.

Past Xenoblade 2 and Square’s rpg, we got a teaser of Skyrim (wow), future Switch projects, and a trailer showing various games that are coming to the system. And finally, Nintendo showed off Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild again and gave us a release date. I was very happy with the new trailer and the release date.

In the end, I felt pretty disappointed with the presentation. Nintendo barely told us what the launch lineup for the system would be but I could tell that most of the big Switch titles wouldn’t come to later in the year. I knew that I wasn’t ready for the Switch yet. I decided last night that I wouldn’t get the Switch till Christmas. Today’s Nintendo Treehouse hasn’t changed my mind.

Nintendo Treehouse Live

As I write this, Nintendo is still streaming games. In fact, I’m writing this and watching Breath of the Wild footage too. You can blame Zelda for any typos in this article!

I think Zelda looks amazing and I love seeing footage of the game, however we’ve already seen so much about it. Was there anything else good during the Treehouse today?

Well…not a lot to be honest. Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart Deluxe both look good but I had a feeling of “I’ve played that” while watching them. I did think Arms looked better than it did during the presentation, but its still not a game I’d want. Street Fighter and the strange cutting game didn’t appeal to me either. I did like Super Bomberman R! I was surprised that I liked it, since I wasn’t a fan of the original. It looked like a lot of fun though.

Another title worth mentioning is Has-Been Heroes. I wasn’t impressed by the trailer I saw of it last night but during the Treehouse, it looked like a neat game. It definitely has a nice Plants Vs. Zombies vibe to it.

Overall though, I am a bit underwhelmed by today’s Treehouse Live. Zelda footage and Bomberman R footage just isn’t enough to get me super excited for the Switch again. I do believe that this years E3 will help. I must own the new Mario game and I’d love to play Xenoblade 2 and Squares new rpg. I’m sure there will be other games too. But I am sad that I’m no longer super excited for the Switch. I’m more excited for the 3DS’s upcoming lineup to be honest!

I will be waiting on the Switch. I’ll buy the new Zelda on the Wii U. What about you guys? Are you still excited for the Switch? What did you think of last nights presentation? What do think of today’s Treehouse Live?


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