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#SwitchAnticipatedTitles: Xenoblade 2

I had heard a rumor that Monolith Soft was working on a game for Nintendo Switch, but I was still not prepared for Xenoblade 2’s reveal. I enjoyed the previous Xenoblade games on Wii and Wii U, so it was a happy surprise. Xenoblade 2 is definitely one of my Anticipated titles for Nintendo Switch.


When I saw the Monolith Soft logo at the beginning of a trailer last night, I thought I knew what we’d see, but I wasn’t sure. When we saw a big open area, I was pretty sure that it would be Xenoblade! Of course, the areas in the sky threw me for a loop and some other areas looked totally unlike previous games too. However, when we saw the sword from Xenoblade Wii, I knew what it had to be and I was right!

Xenoblade 2 looks amazing. The graphics look similar to the first game, though the characters have a more cel-shaded look to them. My jaw is still on the floor. And I can’t help wondering: how connected is this game to Xenoblade for the Wii?

With the numbing of this Xenoblade, plus the appearance of the Monado sword, does this mean we are getting a direct sequel to the first Xenoblade game? I’m not sure if it’ll be a direct sequel. It looks like it might be set in the same world as the first game, but we don’t know how much time has passed. Will we be seeing returning characters? Will the story be really connected to the first or is the Monado the only connection?

There is, of course, many things we don’t know about Xenoblade 2. We may not find out more soon because it looks the game isn’t coming out till later this year, at the very least. Let us know what you think of this new Xenoblade title! And please take a look at the Xenoblade 2 trailer:



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