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#SwitchAnticipatedTitles: Project Octopath Traveler

Square Enix does a lot of rpgs for the 3DS, but its not often that we see them do rpgs for a Nintendo home console. Last night, it was announced that Dragon Quest 10 and 11 will hit the Switch in Japan. Also Dragon Quest Heroes 1 + 2 was announced for the Switch. And finally, Square showed off a brand new rpg. The new rpg was the game that caught my attention. Yes, I do want Dragon Quest 11 to come to North America, but for right now, I’ll focus in on Square’s mysterious new rpg! Its codenamed Project Octopath Traveler.


The Square Enix logo on a Switch game really interested me, but I got a little too excited when I saw a world map revealed during a trailer last night. The map looked very much like a map we would see in a Final Fantasy Tactics game. Just for a moment, I thought a new Final Fantasy Tactics was coming to the Nintendo Switch. I was wrong, but what was revealed got my attention anyway.

For right now, the game is called Project Octopath Traveler. This will likely not be the final name of the game. From what I could tell of the game, it was a traditional turn-based rpg. The graphics reminded me a bit of Tactics, but mostly reminded me of Bravely Default. The battle system makes me think of Bravely Default too but also looks a bit like Final Fantasy 6. We know very little about this game and I’m already really excited about it!

Its so great to see Square Enix doing a traditional turn-based rpg for a major home console. We have no idea if this game will be out this year though. I really hope it’ll be out in 2017 and I hope it does well. I know I want it in my rpg collection!

Here is a video of Project Octopath Traveler. I’ll be rewatching this one a lot:


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