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Resident Evil Showcase Airs Today (1/21)

Capcom will air a Resident Evil Showcase video today! Check out the teaser footage and more details on it below.

The Resident Evil Showcase will air today (1/21)  at 4pm central time and it’ll be focused on Resident Evil Village, with a new trailer and a gameplay walkthrough! Plus more Resident Evil franchise news was promised.

Resident Evil Village looks interesting. It will be neat to see more footage of that game. What will we see as far as the more news though?

Well, we could see a new multiplayer game and/or a new installment of the Resident Evil Revelations franchise. Also another remake, perhaps – Code: Veronica or Resident Evil 4. There is a new Resident Evil live action project in the works so we could see some of that too!

All of that is just guess work though. The only thing we know for sure is that Resident Evil Village and “more news” will be shown!

What “more news” do you think Capcom will share? And are you looking forward to Resident Evil Village? Stay tuned to later today for some thoughts on the Showcase!


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