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New Trailer Spotlights Bowser’s Fury in Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo released a new trailer for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury today. Please take a look at the trailer and then come back here for some thoughts on this new mode for Super Mario 3D World!

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 12, 2021. Nintendo gave us our first real look at the Bowser’s Fury mode today!

And…its looked really awesome!

Bowser’s Fury mode looks like Super Mario 3D World with a bit of a Super Mario Sunshine feel. It seemed like there was some Super Mario Odyssey in there too! At its core, you can still see the Super Mario 3D World influences: the cat suit, multiplayer, obstacles, enemies, and allies that were in Super Mario 3D World. However!

Bowser’s Fury seems like, in this trailer at least, that its one very big open environment. The beach and water sections are reminiscent of Super Mario Sunshine. The scope of the level seems almost as big as a Super Mario Odyssey world.

That all said, there is one other influence that should be mentioned: New Super Mario Bros for the DS. At one point in the trailer, Bowser becomes really big. And then Mario goes over to a powerup and he becomes huge. We saw this in New Super Mario Bros for Mario. Though big fights that were in one of the Mario and Luigi games! There are a lot of influences for this new mode!

It should also be mentioned that multiplayer still looks like its important to this mode of the game. One thing we don’t know is whether or not you’ll be able to play as Bowser Jr. It did look like he was helping Mario in this mode but we don’t know if that was a computer controlled assistant or if that was a second player. Hopefully players will get as him. We did see a lot of Mario by himself but they showed a moment with other players too. There looked like there were some returning retro powerups and some interesting mini-games also!

The trailer for Bowser’s Fury is absolutely jaw-dropping. This mode, plus the Super Mario 3D World mode which now has online multiplayer, really makes this game worth picking up on the Nintendo Switch! Bowser’s Fury is pretty exciting.

Of course a lot of what I’m talking about is just speculation based on this new trailer. Hopefully Nintendo will release even more information about this new mode soon. It looks amazing!

What do you think of Bowser’s Fury? Will you be picking up Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury when it releases in February?


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