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More Thoughts From Me: Hello Again Indiana Jones

Xbox had a Developer_Direct today and they showed off the new Indiana Jones game! Let’s talk about it.

During the Developer_Direct today, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was shown off! And it looked SO AMAZING!

I was hoping that Indiana Jones would look great and it did not disappoint. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is set between the two best Indy movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Last Crusade. The game feature Indy on a new adventure full of action, adventure, and mystery. This isn’t an Uncharted copycat though. The Great Circle will mostly take place in first person mode, with Indy appearing in cutscenes and in certain actions like climbing. Some may not care for the first person aspect but I thought it looked incredible.

Indy using his whip, his gun, beating up nazis, and solving puzzles in first person mode looked great. It all made it looked like you, yes you, were Indiana Jones. You were named after the dog!

The graphics looked fantastic. Indy looks a lot like Harrison Ford. He even sounded like him, which means either they got Harrison for the game or they got a sound alike. They didn’t say in the Direct.

Update: turns that Troy Baker is doing the voice of Indiana Jones in the game. A very good voice actor and he’s doing an excellent job of sounding like Indy. He had me fooled.

Best of all? This game is coming out this year! Yep, its a 2024 game. We weren’t told when the game was coming this year. They just said Later in 2024. The game looks very complete though. I do believe it will be out this year.

In fact, all of the games shown in the Developer_Direct are coming out in 2024. If all those games (and possibly more) actually come this year, then Xbox is going to have a really great year.

I can’t wait to play Indiana Jones and The Great Circle!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I need to play this game right now!


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