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More Thoughts From Me #206: Is it Nintendo Direct Time Yet?

Nintendo started 2020 with a Pokemon Direct. Then we had a Smash Bros video, which some called a Smash Direct. However, we still haven’t seen a full Nintendo Direct yet. And there is so much we don’t know about Nintendo’s 2020 lineup! So we should be getting a full Nintendo Direct soon…right? Here are my thoughts on what we might see soon!


Nintendo hasn’t revealed much of their 2020 lineup yet. The only game from that we have a concrete date on is Animal Crossing New Horizons. We also know that Xenoblade Definitive Edition is coming this year but it doesn’t have a release date. So Nintendo a lot of things to go over. We should be seeing a Nintendo Direct soon!

How soon you ask? Yes, many people thought we’d see one in January but if you remember last year, which some of us don’t, than you’ll remember that the full Direct took place in February! So we should be seeing a full Nintendo Direct next month. My guess and hope is that it’ll be in the first or second week of February.

Why would I guess the first or second week? Well, on February 14th, Level 5 (a strong supporter of Nintendo and the Switch) will be bringing out Snack World. I would think that Nintendo would want to tease that game heavily in a Nintendo Direct. But also Darksiders Genesis comes out on the same day too. That game hasn’t been teased too much.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, which has been promoting some exclusive Switch features, will be coming out on February 20th. That seems like a game that would get a highlight too.

Beyond February though, Animal Crossing New Horizons needs more promotion. Yes, it’ll probably get a Direct of its own but it wouldn’t hurt to show the game off more in an overall Nintendo Direct too. And Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is coming out before New Horizons on March 6th. You know it’ll be hard for Nintendo not to talk more about that game too.

Of course, this stuff we already know about. Nintendo won’t just focus on the stuff we know. We’re sure to see a title or two announced, maybe a release date for Xenoblade Definitive Edition, and focus on some new third party games!

I’d love to see Square Enix reveal some more games coming to the Nintendo Switch. If we get Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for the system, than the Nintendo Switch will be the best system ever.

And you know what, Bethesda has been a bit quiet lately about the Switch. Hopefully they’ll show off Elder Scrolls Blades and give a release date. I’d also love to see Fallout 3 or 4 come to the Switch! Skyrim is an amazing game on the Nintendo Switch. Imagine how awesome it would be to see a full Fallout game on the system too!

There are just so many possiblities for the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Its going to be very easy to get too hyped for the next Nintendo Direct, especially given how fantastic last year’s February Direct was. I don’t think a Februrary Nintendo Direct would let us down but you never know.

For me, overall, if they show more Animal Crossing New Horizons during the next Nintendo Direct, thats all I’ll need. Everything else would just be icing on the Nintendo Switch cake!

What do you want to see in the next Nintendo Direct? Are there any games that you are hoping make their way to the Switch?

Next week: Off to New Horizons. Yes, I’m talking more about Animal Crossing New Horizons next week!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. We miss you Nintendo Direct!


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