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LEGO Super Mario – Luigi’s Mansion Expansion Set (video)

Need more Lego Mario fun? Then you’ll want to check out the newest expansion sets: Luigi’s Mansion! Here’s a video showing the sets. Stick around for all the details and some thoughts on them.

Lego Super Mario has new expansion sets: Luigi’s Mansion!

There are three new sets: Luigi’s Mansion Haunt and Seek, Lab and Poltergust, and Mansion Entryway. The three sets give you the full Luigi’s Mansion experience.

Haunt and Seek is $79.99 and includes 4 new characters and the mansion.

Lab and Poltergust is $29.99 and includes the lab, Luigi’s Poltergust, and two characters (Professor E. Gadd included).

And the Mansion Entryway is $39.99 and includes three characters, the Mansion Entryway and cemetery, and more!

The sets look really great. Its too bad they couldn’t have come out around Halloween but still if you like Lego and Luigi, then this should be a lot of fun!

What do you think of the new Luigi’s Mansion expansion sets?


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