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Is 2023 the Year We Get a New Donkey Kong?

Rumours swirl every time a Nintendo Direct happens. One rumour that doesn’t seem to want to die is that the Mario Odyssey team is actually working on a brand new Donkey Kong adventure, ala Donkey Kong 64. As the Mario Odyssey team made arguably the best 3D Super Mario game ever, we all know they would KILL at making a great Donkey Kong game. So what would that look like?

Donkey Kong 64 took the Donkey Kong formula and turned it into a 3D experience. Donkey Kong could do his punches and rolls, but also a lot more. Add in collectibles and a splash of wacky weapons, and you have a pretty good experience. Many people disliked Donkey Kong 64 simply because of the poor camera controls (and they were bad), but in a new title, that shouldn’t be an issue.

One of the other reasons the game was so successful was because it it introduced a ton of new characters to the Donkey Kong universe. These characters all came with unique move sets that would allow you to explore new areas in the game. It worked REALLY well, and if Nintendo decided to bring back all of these characters and their abilities, I think it would be a good, nostalgic move.

Whether Nintendo is willing to do this or not, I would be OK with ANY kind of Donkey Kong experience. Even a brand new 2D Donkey Kong would be OK with me, especially since Donkey Kong Returns and Tropical Freeze were such great additions to the franchise. Either way, it has been way too long since a new Donkey Kong landed on a Nintendo console. In fact, a brand new experience hasn’t been released since Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on the Nintendo Wii U. Isn’t it about time Nintendo put something on the Nintendo Switch?


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