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Hogwarts Legacy – Official Cinematic Trailer

Hogwarts Legacy is coming out in early February! The latest trailer for the game is a cinematic one showing off the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Check it out and then come back here for our thoughts on the trailer.

Hogwarts Legacy’s latest trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay but the new cinematic is pretty neat. We get a glimpse of Hogwarts, the surrounding forest and some other areas of the game. It all ends up with a character getting an invite to Hogwarts. Very cool.

We’re excited about Hogwarts Legacy. The game is set in the Harry Potter universe but it takes place long before Harry was born. Instead, you’ll play as a new student and come to Hogwarts and make your destiny. Will you be a good wizard or a bad wizard? We see glimpses of the bad in this new trailer too with green lightning. There’s a character that actually trying to shoot down the owl from the sky!

As we get closes to Hogwarts Legacy’s release, we’re sure to get even more information and trailers of the game. Please stay tuned to for all the latest on Hogwarts Legacy?


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