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Headland Reaches the Nintendo Switch on January 13th

Headland, an upcoming colorful indie, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on January 13th. Check out a trailer for the game below and come back here for more information on the game and some thoughts on it!

Headland will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on January 13th.

According to a press release we received, the game is “fast-paced action set in a beautifully fantastical world”.

Here’s the plot:

“A powerful force has destroyed the Imagination Core inside Nor’s Headland, stealing away the color and inspiration from his world. Now he must journey into the lush fantasy of his imagination to fight monsters and gather the scattered fragments of his creativity.

As you explore the grassy meadows, deep caves and dark castles of Headland’s dreamlike world, you will encounter a host of monsters to be defeated using Nor’s trusty sword and quick reflexes in an adventure full of varied challenges for you to overcome on your path to unlocking the full power of Nor’s imagination. ”

The game has the player “gathering, upgrading, and equipping new tools to try out” and you also meet “new robot friends” that “help uncover mysteries” with you.

Headland looks like a very unique, colorful game. I like the look of its overhead view and the combat and puzzles look very Zelda-like. This should be another good addition to the Nintendo Switch eshop!

What do you think of Headland? Will you check it out on January 13th?


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