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Halloween in online slot

The traces of the beginning of Halloween remain in the beliefs of the Celts, and for almost 200 years this festival was actively honored mostly in English-speaking nations. Nonetheless it’s also widespread among undergraduates of universities of foreign languages. Now, there is a revival of the Halloween around the globe.


Developers of the software for online gaming clubs, which carefully monitor the interests of possible users, consistently release new slot machines on this subject. Some of the companies over the years have managed to release several games related to Halloween holiday season, and all of the new slots available for free without download.

Here we will quickly review the extremely noteworthy Halloween-themed slots.

At the same time, I would like to mention that we consider the Jack-o-lantern carved from pumpkin to be the main icon of this holiday. Therefore, we won’t check those games in which emblem of the Halloween holiday is absent. There are a lot of machines in which enchantresses, beasts and vampires appear, however not all of them are related to the celebration of the Halloween season.

Halloween themed online slots

A lot of gambling websites include Microgaming games like Boogie Monsters, Monsters in the Closet, and even Franken Cash on the Halloween-themed slot list. These are wonderful slot machines, but they are completely devoid of any connection with this holiday.

But it’s impossible to stay away from Halloween theme for such a well-known online game maker, like Microgaming. This company has a slightly outdated but still competitive Halloweenies slot with five reels and 20 paylines. It is distinguished by large payouts for specific sequences (x13000 for five “wild” icons), free spins with improved chances and themed extra game Pick a Pumpkin.


Online casinos with the Microgaming games also present their users an excellent Lucky Witch slot, which can satisfy the needs of the pickiest players. Free spins, bonus rounds, superb graphics are just a few of its noticeable benefits.

The previous new slot machine from the Microgaming company on the Halloween theme called Trick or Treat. Trick or Treat has 3 reels and 3 pay lines. The main in-game symbol is the image of a pumpkin. In fairness, we note that now it’s hard to find this game in most of the casinos in the net.

However, not only Microgaming satisfies users with Halloween-themed slot games. Playtech released the Halloween Fortune slot machine, which promises to be the finest slot related to Halloween. It additionally has a bonus game, free spins, unique pictures and much more, which should please all fans of such entertainment.

If you are attracted by slots from little-known companies, give attention to the Scotland Halloween Magic slot machine. It has five lines, five reels, unique symbols and a cumulative jackpot are obtainable in it.

As you can see, Microgaming pays the best care to Halloween-themed games, even though slots about this holiday can also be discovered in portfolios of other companies that make online casino games.


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