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Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct Next Week

One of the games I keep forgetting to mention from last nights presentation is Fire Emblem Warriors. Not much was shown of the game and we know nothing about it expect for the title. That will change next week when Nintendo holds a Direct for the game.


On January 18th (next Wednesday), Nintendo will have a Direct for Fire Emblem Warriors. They are calling it a Fire Emblem Direct.

Fire Emblem Warriors is most likely an action game much like Hyrule Warriors was, but other than that, we know nothing about the game! What will be revealed about it during the Direct? I would say a gameplay trailer and some details about gameplay modes. What about a release date? Since we are getting a Direct so fast, anything is possible.

Also, I’ve been wondering about something else.┬áSince this Direct is called a Fire Emblem Direct, should we expect more than just Fire Emblem Warriors in it? I am hoping that Nintendo will give us a tease of another regular Fire Emblem game, but I think it would be best to not get our hopes up.

What do you think we’ll see in the Fire Emblem Direct? What do you expect Fire Emblem Warriors to be?

Here is the teaser for Fire Emblem Warriors:



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