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Fire Emblem Crossing: Collecting Animals In Engage

I can’t escape Animal Crossing (and I don’t want to). No matter where I go, there’s more animals that need my help. For instance, Fire Emblem Engage lets you adopt animals and bring them back to your base! This is pretty addictive too. Let’s talk about it.


Fire Emblem Engage is a really great strategy rpg. Check out our editor-in-chief Adam Roffel’s review to find out what he thought of the game! And while I’m having a ton of fun with the battle, the story, and talking to the supporting characters, my favorite thing to do is collect animals!

Wait, what? Is this Animal Crossing?

Well, not exactly. The animals don’t talk and they are not your neighbors. Instead, as you progress in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll get a chance to wander around areas that you just fought battles in. While doing that, you’ll discover there are some animals nearby. Cats, dogs, sheep, goats, and more are just sitting around. Best of all: you can adopt them and bring them back to your base!

At your base, there is an area where you can bring some of your animals outside. You got to a building, choose which animals you want you out and then there they are. You don’t have to feed the animals or groom them. Instead, they just hang out and when you come back there, you’ll find some items on the ground next to them. So I guess its kind of like Animal Crossing. The animals give you items!

Adopting animals in Fire Emblem Engage is super addictive. You’ll find yourself wondering what type of animals you’ll find in the next area. Sometimes you can’t adopt a pet yet because you haven’t donated enough money to that area yet. For instance, I recently ran into an Eagle and I was like “Oh! I have to adopt the Eagle” but I couldn’t. sigh. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t adopt them right away and you have to wait till you have a skirmish again in an area with that animal in order to get them. I’m still waiting on my Eagle. I did get a rabbit recently though.


Even though adopting pets is addictive, its also limited in some ways. You can’t name the animals and as previously mentioned you don’t feed them. You can’t pet them either.

That said, there is a very special animal in your base that you can feed and pet! The base has a special “spirit” animal in its Grotto. This animal can be feed, petted and…dressed too. Oh if only you could do that with all the animals. Perhaps there will be an animal update? We can only hope so.

Fire Emblem Engage has many cool things to do at the base: from fishing to building a strategy map of your own, but the animal collecting is my favorite activity so far. I wonder what animal I’ll find next!


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