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Farming Simulator 22 Gets Better Because of Mods

If you haven’t been playing Farming Simulator 22 because you’ve been waiting for more mods to be available across all platforms, I’ve got good news for you – while the mod support was pretty lackluster for the first week or two, things have drastically improved, and I’m going to show you how in one specific way. Let’s dive into…woodchipping?


Stadia Update – We have been playing FS22 on Google Stadia for the last little while and confirm that both mods and multiplayer support is alive and well in this version! I’ve been playing more on Stadia than on Xbox or PlayStation, which is fantastic – it happens more often than you think!

I’ve never been big into the forestry stream of Farming Simulator games, but there is no denying that if you can chip up some trees you can make a tidy profit for not a ton of work. And thankfully, with all the fields you are going to be purchasing, there are plenty of trees for you to cut down free of charge. It’s even something I recommend, as trees can become a big nuisance when trying to sow, harvest, fertilize, etc. when growing crops. Knocking down trees might not be good for the virtual environment in Farming Simulator 22, but it sure makes life easier. Kinda weird how that works, eh?

So, once I started up my first farm, purchased a chainsaw for a few hundred bucks and began cutting down the trees on the edge of my property to make growing and harvesting crops much easier. Once I felled all the trees – I used that word correct, right? – I went into the shop to rent some equipment and begin chipping the wood. Except, the only option I had was an attachable trailer that would only run if someone was sitting in the cab. The machine was nifty, move the arm to grab the long logs, and slowly maneuver them onto the conveyor belt and into the chipper.

Thing is, talking about it is easy, but actually doing it is fairly difficult. A much easier method is to chop up the tree into quantities that can be picked up by hand, and throwing them onto the chipper all on your own. Thing is, the chipper only runs when you are in the tractor, which means you need to:

  1. Hop out of your tractor and load up wood onto the VERY tiny conveyor belt – max 2 logs
  2. Hop back into the tractor and turn on the machine
  3. Repeat

Here’s the issue – a full grown tree could end up being 10-12 good sized logs, which means you are doing this a minimum of 5-6 times, if not more…per tree. Add in the frustration when the machine jams and you need to manually deal with it – resulting in leaving the tractor, and thus turning it off…etc.

When playing Farming Simulator 19, I remember that I had a standalone machine with a good size conveyor that you could just turn on and let run, while you loaded the logs. I was happy to log in last week and saw it as an option in the mod menu! So, mods have saved my game and I’m back and happy as ever. If you’ve been missing something, I bet it’s in a mod menu!


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