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Family Guy Table for Pinball FX 3

When Pinball FX 3 launched, in collaboration with Fox, it was a dream come true for so many Pinball FX fans! When I finally got my copy of the game on Nintendo Switch, reviewing this table was on top of my priorities list. While the table itself looks easy and fun, there is always more to a pinball table than meets the eye! Check out what we think of the Family Guy Pinball table for Pinball FX 3!


Many pinball fans aren’t looking to know the ins and outs of every table, and for the most part, that is how I play. The Family Guy table brings a ton of great goals to attain while playing, the plethora of ramps you can aim the ball at will keep you experimenting for hours. Of course, you can play for hours without unlocking everything, but it actually didn’t take me long to find my first surprise: shooting down jets in a video arcade bonus game. When you hit Stewies Sink Hole 3 times, you will automatically be taken to the video arcade mode. Shoot down 10 jets with Stewies plane, and unlock the boss battle. Take out the jet and be awarded 2 million extra points!

The game also has missions for each character in the family, pushing you to perform various tasks in order to complete that characters missions. On top of that, there is also a “Save Stewie” mode where, again, you complete various tasks to save Stewie.

This table is just pure fun, and that is first and foremost when playing any table. But there is SO MUCH MORE! Check out this table guide provided by Zen Studios, and truly master the Family Guy table for Pinball FX 3!


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