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CozyPhones Review

When I was originally pitched the idea to review CozyPhones, I assumed it had something to do with phones, and more likely yet, cell phones. Well, I suppose there was some truth to that thought, but ultimately, what arrived at my door was more of a headphone device than a phone device. Lost yet? So was I, until I unleashed these products on my kids. Then things got interesting.


CozyPhones are perfect for cold weather, or that room in the house that might be a bit drafty. Designed like a winter headband, CozyPhones are soft fabric bands that wrap around your head, keeping your ears…cozy? On each side of the headband sits a small speaker that can get pretty loud, and from one side an extremely long auxillory cord comes down, which can be plugged into whatever device you so desire.

We had these items shipped to us while visiting Walt Disney World in Florida, and thought they would be the perfect road companion home, as we began the 18 hour trek north. And they paid off in spades. Both of my boys used their CozyPhones for the duration ofthe trip, plugging them into their personal DVD players and watching movie after movie during the drive. Maybe you would like to go for a swim and still be able to hear your music in this case you can not use CosyPhones but there are other great solution You can try xFyro waterproof earbuds  bringing next-generation technology for today’s active listeners.

What was most telling to me, that the build quality was above par, was that neither complained that the headband was too warm, that the sound was too loud, or that the cord was getting in the way of their other in-car activities. And the saw the quality of the build as well. I cannot tell you the number of times my kids accidentally stepped on the cords, yanking them out of the DVD player when trying to exit the car for lunch, or when searching around for toys. The braided cord held strong, making me wonder how much work you’d have to put into trying to destroy them!

We reviewed the Lion and Pirate CozyPhones, but the company has many more that can be viewed on their website. They’ve even had great endorsements and reviews from Mens Health, USA Today, and PC Gamer! If you are looking for that unique item that is practical all around, try a pair of CozyPhones!



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