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Bonuses, play style, venues, and other tips to profit from online gambling in Australia

Do you gamble for fun or do you profit from it? In both cases you like to win, don’t you? We made a compilation of the most useful tips just for you that will considerably increase your chances of getting in the black when gambling. Although there is nothing that can guarantee you constant winnings, there’s no shame in trying.
Let’s get down to business.


Mindset matters

First and foremost, stay cool. We know how hard it can be sometimes when emotions overflow you after a big win or a series of losses, but you just have to. You don’t have to keep a poker face inside and outside, no. Take your time, rejoice or shout out, but restrain yourself from playing until you calm down.
The thing is that people make a lot of unreasonable and impulsive decisions when they are driven by emotions. But gambling like reels of joy casino no deposit bonus codes 2022 for real money can punish you harshly for such behaviour. You want to overthink your every move and be alert and careful. It may sound boring, but it more than pays off.

Choosing a venue

You want to find a good casino to play. There are lots of places an Australian gambler can play, but not every place is alike. It is up to you to choose the most profitable and fun venue to spend your money and time. Things to look for when choosing a casino in Australia.

Gambling license. Various regulatory authorities issue a license to the establishment, which may not keep you safe from spending, but at least indicate that the casino is fair.

Game selection. You may want as many games as possible or just a couple that you shine at. Either way, find out if there are games that you want to see.
Region availability and payment methods. Obviously, you want to be able to play at a casino in your area and want to be able to both deposit and withdraw funds using the payment method that suits you the most. So check all of that out as well.

Bet sizes, multipliers, house edge, and RTP. The things that determine your odds of winning. You have to research this as well to choose the most profitable option.

Bonuses, promotions, and wagering conditions. Things to take advantage of since they can increase your chances a lot. Feedback and community. Watch others who play and review the establishment.

Funds management

Proper money management and smart fund allocation is the key to success in gambling. Games can require different levels of player skill, from high, like poker, to minimal, like slots. However, the correct distribution of finances has an impact on any game. Every game needs a different approach, but we can give some general advice.

First, you should always strictly limit your bankroll and never go beyond it. Second, you should allocate your bankroll to the few games that interest you.
Third, you need to choose a game with such a size of the maximum bet that your budget is enough for many games. In table games, it should be from one to several dozen of games, and in the slots, even one hundred games are not enough.

Fourth, you need to change the size of the bet, depending on the situation and your own feelings. However, remember that often only the maximum bet allows you to hit the jackpot, especially in pokies.

Fifth set yourself a limit on the number of games played in one playing session and a limit on money won or lost beforehand. Once any of the conditions are met, call it a day right away.

Bonuses in AU casinos

The thing that deserves special attention from the list above is the bonuses. It’s very important to start understanding them because they have a significant effect on your gaming experience. How? It’s all about the fact that in Australia, casinos offer their players rewards that can significantly increase their bankroll, either directly or through additional games and more.

Increasing your bankroll, in turn, prolongs your playing session and, as a result, increases your chances of winning. So how do you get bonuses and what types are there?

New player bonus

Newly registered players get very generous bonuses from the casino. Most often these are a large number of free spins or free games, first deposits multipliers, from one to several, as well as free cash or cashback.

The no-deposit bonus is also moderately popular. Even before registration, you can play a few games, keeping the winnings there. Convenient to get acquainted with the game, as well as with the odds.

Deposit bonus

The casino usually has an endowment system, similar to loyalty programs. It looks like a gauge with marks, milestones. By playing and making deposits in the casino, as well as by participating in certain events and tournaments, you fill this scale. As you reach each milestone, you begin to receive more and more benefits.

Most often, these benefits come in the form of ever-increasing deposit multipliers, cashback, and the size of other bonuses you receive. The most dedicated players, also known as high-rollers, receive something unique, usually specific to each establishment, in addition to the regular rewards.

Referral program

The simplest and most straightforward type of bonus. You bring your friend to the casino using your referral link, they make deposits and play, you both get bonuses.

Often these bonuses are not even attached to the wagering conditions. However, do not try to cheat the casino, traffic is strictly regulated and the establishment will be able to distinguish the real attracted person from the “bot”.


Other types

There are some other types like preferred payment method or in-app bonuses. Promotions and events are also worth mentioning since you can earn big on them.

Wagering conditions

The dark side of bonuses in Australian casinos. The venue can’t just give you free money, you need to fulfil certain conditions to be able to withdraw bonus funds. Sometimes those conditions can be good like you need to turnover the bonus funds once. But in most cases it’s much much more, it can reach several dozens of times, which is ridiculously high. And one of the most annoying conditions is the one that requires you to deposit more money to get your bonuses.

It’s always up to you to check the wagering conditions of each particular bonus, good thing they are usually listed in the descriptions and to decide whether or not you are going to use them. Remember to take advantage of only the ones that seem beneficial to you.