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Kinect Voice Controls to be Improved as Time Goes By


It should be no great surprise in this day and age, but a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that Kinect will be built upon and improved via firmware updates as time goes by. Voice controls are a fun, simple way of getting around a console, and as it becomes more and more intuitive, it could easily become better for menus than a controller.

GamerFitNation asked about how Kinect might improve over time, and although they weren’t really given specifics, they did recieve confirmation that user data would go towards improving functions.

We’ve completely re-engineered Kinect to take full advantage of all that Xbox One can do.  It’s more precise, more responsive, and more intuitive, and we plan to improve the experience in the future. Additionally, we’re continuing to improve the voice models over time as we get more usage information from our customers.

Spokesperson probably means PR person, especially since they weren’t directly named, so that probably explains the vague confirmation of something that’s already kind of obvious. Still, it’s nice to actually know that they’re paying attention to what people are doing, and working towards making things better, instead of slaving away over features that nobody really cares about.

Here’s hoping Sony are looking to improve their camera functionality and voice control as well.


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