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More Thoughts From Me #147: Solid Snake Is Dead Again

I love the Metal Gear Solid franchise. My favorite of the games is MGS2, but I do love Twin Snakes, Snake Eater, and MGS4 also. I never thought I’d get to play the fifth game in the series. I didn’t have a PS4 and didn’t think I’d get one. Of course, recently I got one! And the second game I ended getting was…Metal Gear Solid 5! Yep. I finally get to play this game. Its a very good game so far. Though, I should’ve mentioned…I suck at stealth games!

I suck at stealth games. I am the least stealthiest person you’ll ever met. The guards in the Metal Gear Solid games always catch me. If I ever pull off stealth, its an accident.

Enter Metal Gear Solid 5, which has Snake sneaking around Afghanistan. I have not improved in my stealth skills. In fact, I’m very rusty. On the plus side, that means I get to hear “Snake? Snake? Snaaaake!” a lot and I love that line. I never get tired of it. Good thing right?

So far I have died from jumping off a hill with my horse, trying to run through a base with my horse (this poor horse), and my favorite: forget stealth! I’m just going to kill or knock out all these guys and get through it. That last one…sometimes works…but not often…

And yet, I still love Metal Gear Solid 5. Yes, I suck at stealth, so I’m having a hard time with this game, but the graphics and gameplay on MGS5 are great. The story, so far, isn’t really there. This game focuses more on missions and a more open world where you sometimes “create your own story.” Its very non-linear. I do miss the more straight forward Metal Gear story. That said, I love many of the new things introduced in this game.

While the basic sneaking gameplay is the same as every other Metal Gear Solid game, there are some cool new elements that I like. Being able to call in a helicopter whenever, getting a supply drop, and best of all, knock out the enemy and send them back to your base via a balloon!

Metal Gear Solid 5 is a bit diferent from the other games, however it still has its humor and fun gameplay. I’m glad that I finally get to play this game.

I don’t think MGS5 will end up being my favorite Metal Gear Solid game, but it was worth the wait. I wish Metal Gear Solid 2 was on the Playstation 4 so that I could play that again! Oh well. Back to Metal Gear Solid 5.

Have you played Metal Gear Solid 5? What do you think of it?

Next week: Spider-man. Spider-man. Radioactive Spider-man. Does whatever a Spider can. Yep! I got Marvel’s Spider-man for the Playstation 4. It was on sale during Black Friday and I was able to download it to my PS4. And man, this game is great. I can’t wait to share my thoughts about it next week.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Snake? Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake!


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