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Hitman 2 Available Now!

IO Interactive, creator of the legendary Hitman game-series, has launched their latest title, Hitman 2. Introducing two new game modes to the Hitman franchise, Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode look to expand the traditionally offline and solo playstyle of the previous games into co-op and competitive online multiplayer markets.

Hitman 2 also features 6 brand-new sandbox environments for you to plan (and occasionally improvise) your assassinations. These locations range across the USA, India, New Zealand and more and are designed beautifully.

The interactive environments have always been a strong point of the Hitman franchise, and it looks like IOI has held true to that in Hitman 2. Virtually everything in the environments can be used to help plan and execute your missions. This means that your creativity is the only limit in how you plot the perfect assassination. Will you utilize stealth, sabotage or a guns-blazing approach to complete your contract? The choice is yours and yours alone.

Agent 47 has always been known to make weapons out of household objects. Hitman 2 is certainly looking to continue this reputation.

Another new feature of Hitman 2 are the high-stakes Elusive Targets missions. These missions are set to start one week from launch (November 20th, 2018) and each will run for a limited time only. Players will have only one shot at taking down their Elusive Target, failure will result in his disappearance forever. IOI has announced that the unique item that is attached to the Elusive Target contracts (the first one being the Explosive Pen) will be available to everyone who plays the mission, regardless of your success. This is welcome news for players like myself, as I have a tendency to require a minimum of 3 attempts on any given mission.

There is plenty more content in the works, according to IOI, who have hinted at the Escalation Contracts that will be coming out as well. Time will tell if all of these new elements in a traditionally one-dimensional game series will add more depth and replay value or if they will simply detract from the main campaign.

As a long-time fan of the Hitman franchise, I cannot wait to hop back in the shoes of Agent 47 and see what wild and unique challenges lie before me in Hitman 2. I sincerely hope that all of the new game modes, online capabilities and co-op add a level of replay value that has not been seen before in this series.

Hitman 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and Steam for PC. Look for our review on Xbox One coming soon!

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