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Digital Games Now Available through Sony Rewards


We heard last week about Sony’s plan to integrate the PlayStation Network into its Sony Rewards scheme, and those with points saved up will be happy to learn that they can now spend those savings on digital games, PlayStation network credit and PlayStation Plus time.

Although the prices are by no means cheap, there are really recent games available. If you have 5999 points – that’s what you’ll get for spending $5999 if you’re planning to earn points through the PlayStation network itself – you can pick up Arkham Origins, Battlefield 4 or Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag… I think I’ll just buy the games themselves…

You can also unlock a variety of accessories and even consoles themselves, if you spend enough. While it might not be an incentive to go crazy, there will no doubt be a time when you can pick up something for very little time and effort, especially if this is something you’re planning to keep up throughout the next generation.

If you’ve been using a PlayStation credit card, you’ve probably already got some points saved up, and this new flurry of digital content is bound to be very tempting. There’s some good stuff there, including a few things that you’ll end up getting cheaper by paying with points. 


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