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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna -The Golden Country Review Part 4

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of my Torna – The Golden Country review-in-progress are already up. In part 4, I will talk about the game’s graphics. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is wonderful looking but I think Torna looks better!

The characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 have always had a unique cel-shaded look to them, but Torna takes it to the next level. In cutscenes, especially, the characters in this game look animated movie quality good with more realistic expressions and better designed outfits. Not to be forgotten, each place you visit in this game looks great too.

They are a few environments in this game that look similar to something we’ve seen in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but there are other places in Torna that are radically different, the capitol city for instance, and are even better than what we saw in 2; more detailed and alive.

Thats not say that the graphics in Torna are perfect. Just like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Torna has texture load up whenever you start the game back up and that can be a bit jarring. There are also very minor graphical glitches here and there in the game.

Overall, I really do think Torna looks better than Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Monolith Soft went the distance with Torna, which could have easily been just a DLC add on and instead is its own game.

If you enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I think you’ll love Torna – The Golden Country too. I’ll have my final impressions of the game sometime next week!


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