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Urban Chaos Released on Steam

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Popular title Urban Chaos has been re-released on Steam. If you owned a PlayStation, PC or Dreamcast at the turn of the millennium, you’ll probably at least remember its striking lead character and its dark “urban jungle” setting.

Originally made available for purchase on PC in 1999, console versions were released in the 2000. Urban Chaos followed the story of D’arci Strern and Roger McIntyre as they try to clean up the mean streets of Union City. It boasts an open world and multiple playable characters – not bad for a game released before the PS2. It also allowed you to arrest criminals, a feature very rarely used in the time since. It’s no surprise it was ahead of its time, being created by ex-Bullfrog employees.

It received mixed reviews at the time, despite its innovations. The console version had rough visuals – even on the Dreamcast – and the controls didn’t work as well as they should have done. 

Now you can see the ultimate version of the game, on PC, for yourself. It’s only a fiver, is bound to get cheaper towards Christmas and may just be an exciting blast to the past for those of us who remember 1999 like it was yesterday.

You can buy Urban Chaos, today, from Steam.


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